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Locks for Student let properties Selly Oak

Installing locks on everyone’s room on a student let property ensures security and peace of mind for everyone involved, for many students letting the first accommodation installing a lock on their bedroom may be conceived as a waste of time and money, but nothing could be further from the truth 4 Ever Safe Locksmiths Selly Oak have already installed hundreds of locks in and around Selly Oak to ensure peoples rooms and property are secure, sadly many of these locks have been fitted after the occupant has lost valuables, at 4 Ever Safe Locksmiths Selly Oak we can supply and fit a lock for as little as £55,

I have been out to several student lets where a room(s) have been burgled and unfortunately the items stolen have never been retrieved, I can remember several occasions where there have been laptops stolen and each student is more horrified by losing the data on the laptop rather than the laptop itself the laptop in some cases have had years of work and data stored on them to be submitted for their respective degrees, of course not everyone creates a backup as the never expect to be robbed and I can even remember one client had taken the care of backing up all her work but because the data stick was left in the laptop the robber also took her back up,

4 Ever Safe Locksmiths Selly Oak top tip

‘Always take time to back up your data and leave your data stick out of sight, 2 minutes could save years of work and untold stress.’

For a free quotation on having a lock installed on your bedroom call Pete on 0121 381 1701, it will cost you nothing to find out and could even save you hundreds,

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Master key systems fitted West Midlands


A master key is a key that can open a series of locks built to match it. It has numerous advantages and is designed to open multiple locks. By adding extra features, it can also be used to remove the lock plug. Master and sub masters lock system enable complete control to access to you home, business, or student let.

Having access to different rooms in your office or home can be quite challenging if you are steadily losing or mixing up the keys required to open the locks.  Luckily, locksmiths have come up with the master keyed lock systems which can prevent and solve issues revolving around room or buildings being accessed in the event of an emergency while also providing a good way to unlock different rooms and safes in any given location with the use a single key.

Let us take a look at the various advantages which master key lock system offers and also shed light on how you will find it useful in the long run and who will be able to use it.

Locksmiths have the skill required to install such complex security project so it will be expedient to locate a professional locksmith around your area that will be given the job of setting up the master key lock system in your place of business or home. It is far more preferable to make use of Locksmiths situated around your area as they can easily be reached in the event of an emergency regarding security. They will be able to swing into action in the shortest time possible. After you must have located a suitable locksmith, you will be responsible for providing the required information concerning your business or home’s individual quarters and rooms as well as the various entrances and exits available within the building.

Professional locksmiths have the ability to make intelligent decisions regarding the master key lock installation procedures after gathering enough information regarding your business or home’s security level and also inquire your opinion concerning the places that will most need a security upgrade. It is entirely up to you to decide the number of master keys that will be developed. You need to carefully consider this especially if there are other co-workers or family members who have access to your business facility or home on a daily basis.

Master keys usually play an integral role in various managerial situations and administrative scenarios. You do not have to worry about gaining access to different rooms in your building once you have a master key in your hands. However, you need to always keep this powerful key in a secured place as the situation could instantly turn out to be a disaster if this key should fall into the wrong hands.

After installing a master key lock system, you will not have to worry about mixing up and losing sets of keys ever again and you will be able to gain entry into the premises of your property without the hassles of a cluttered mess of keys.

Need locks changing in Birmingham I’m your man


It is often said that locks control the keys to our domain. That domain can either be your computer server room, your car, your storage unit, your home or your business. Locks are installed on a door to protect the contents of a room. Around 30% of break-in’s have no sign of forced entry.

If anybody possesses the keys to the lock, then the security to that room will be compromised. It is common to have keys lost or assigned to employees that do not work for a company anymore. When such a thing happens you should consider either installing new locks or rekeying your existing locks.

Rekeying is the process of changing the cylinder of a lock so that the original keys will not be able to open the lock anymore. This process will allow to one to regain control once again over the security of a room and the contents within. A room can be left open while the cylinder is extracted to be rekeyed. The rekeying process usually takes no more than a few minutes to complete and a new key will be constructed for the rekeyed lock. Once you rekey a lock, you need to be careful who you give a copy of the key.

Rekeying is an alternative that is cheaper than buying new locks as you can still make use of the existing door lock. Only the interior cylinder of a lock is changed during rekeying. Rekeying requires the use of special hardware since the internal cylinders have to be modified. A locksmith will be required to rekey a lock for you. They can also make duplicate copies of the new key. The locksmiths also make use of specialised equipment for vehicles which can be used to make new keys and rekey the locks.

An alternative to rekeying is buying new locks 4 Ever Safe Locksmiths Birmingham stock a range of locks and will complete 95% of lock installations on first visit within an hour. A drawback in buying new locks is that you may install a new lock that may be smaller or different from the original locks. If you had your door painted around the original lock and your new lock is smaller, the unpainted area will be revealed. Locks have grades and the higher grades of locks are more resistant to break-ins. So when you buy a new lock, you might be replacing a higher grade lock with a lower grade lock and this will make your room more vulnerable to break-in’s.

If you are not skilful at doing repairs or you do not have the time, changing of locks may not be a good option for you. You can get a locksmith to install a new lock for you so call your local locksmith in Birmingham today on 0121 381 1701Locksmith Birmingham


For a free no obligation quotation call today 0121 381 1701

You never can tell when you will need the service of an emergency locksmith.

Of course, there is no convenient time to be locked out of your home, but emergencies such as this do not find a space in your schedule, 4 Ever Safe Locksmiths Birmingham are available at your service anywhere in Birmingham or surrounding cities and towns . We are certified and trained, and are in business to meet your needs. In addition to offering a 24 hour emergency service, locksmiths could qualify to carry out a wide range of other services.

When choosing a locksmith in the Birmingham area, there are lots of competitors to select from. And because they are aware that you can move your business elsewhere, lots of them will make some guarantees to make sure that you are satisfied and call on them when next you need an emergency locksmith. Some of the guarantees you should expect are

  • burglary repairs,
  • replacement doors or enhanced locks,
  • free estimates for extra services such as security systems,
  • non destructive entry to your business, home or car,
  • fixed prices,
  • Zero call out fees.

Locksmith’s may also provide safe opening services, access control system, security bars and grills, and UPVC door and window repairs. Anti-illusion alarm systems are also sold and installed by many Birmingham locksmiths.

Birmingham locksmiths are equipped to work on both commercial and residential jobs. You will get nothing less than a friendly and fast service. In the event of an emergency, you will be putting your trust in the skill and timeliness of a locksmith west heath and so you deserve to receive the best of treatment. The safety of your family, car, business, or home should not be jeopardized, especially after a serious event such as burglary.

Locksmith west heath are available to cover metropolitan Birmingham in full. In spite of its size, locksmiths who have been able to offer their services all over the area have been able to do so because they have been able to satisfy their customers all the time. Regardless of where you are situated in the Birmingham area, a lock smith west heath will come to you, whether in an emergency or not.

Birmingham locksmiths are trained with the recent techniques of non destructive lock entry, and they are knowledgeable in recognizing the various types of locks available. Getting you back into your home or car should not be a chaotic procedure. They have the required tools, strategy and skill to handle your lockout problems without causing any damage. Whatever might be your business or home security needs, locksmith west heath are equipped to offer solutions for you. Whether it is the installation of an advanced security system, lock replacement, or a simple key duplication job, a Birmingham locksmith is the competent tradesman for the job.

Local locksmith Solihull


UPVC doors are to a large extent, the most common door type currently used in Solihull. They are most times perceived to be maintenance free as they have no need for varnishing or painting to maintain their water proof qualities and appearance. However these doors can develop faults and if the faults are not quickly rectified, they could deteriorate into more costly and complex problems very quickly.

If your UPVC doors are faulty, you may be unwilling to get a quote for repairs and this is quite understandable. If you should contact a double glazing company, they might recommend the doors be replaced when the faults can be repaired by a locksmith in solihull. The result is peace of mind and better security without the expense and mess of an entire replacement.

Although UPVC doors generally are very secure, some of them are now aging, and older types damage more easily. A fault in the handle or frame can render it vulnerable for a burglar to force open, more especially if the lock has been corroded. It is recommended that you make sure the faults in your UPVC doors are inspected as quickly as possible. It is also important to have the handles replaced by a locksmith Solihull when you move in to a new apartment, just to ensure that all of the keys are in your possession. This is important in the event of an emergency or fire outbreak when you may need to escape the house through any of the doors or even windows. You will not only need to unlock the doors, you will also have to make sure that they won’t get stuck or jam.

UPVC doors can also develop faults; hence it is imperative that you examine your doors for signs of future damage. An expert can be called upon to check the doors to ensure that they are not hanging downwards on one side. Multi point lock strips can be replaced without having to change the entire door. New hinges can guarantee that the door won’t be forced away from the frame. Doors which hang in an awkward manner may not flush against the frame and will make it easier for burglars to wedge them open.

If your doors open onto a paved outside area, it is particularly important to make sure that they are in good shape, because patio doors usually give burglars a better view of the interior of your house. For this reason, many insurance firms will insist that you install specific locks on the patio doors. If you do not have five point locks and kite marked cylinder locks on your patio doors, you will have to fit them to ensure that you satisfy your entire home insurance policy requirement. A competent Locksmith Solihull can replace any tilt and turn mechanism on doors which may have become difficult to use or become loose and examine the tracks and rollers on sliding doors to ensure that the patio doors will not be forced open easily.


Solihull Locksmith

In the last few years 4 Ever Safe Locksmiths Solihull has been witness a proliferation in the number of burglary incidence where criminals gained access through a technique called lock snapping. This can be traced to the increase in the number of homes in Solihull that make use of composite doors because most homes were making use of them while many older apartments were upgrading their doors. This is because most times lock snapping is not the easiest technique to break in when a home has an old wooden door installed; a few kicks are just enough to dismantle the locks, forcing the doors to give way, giving  the burglar access to all of your valuable items within.

Lock snapping requires the insertion of a long piece of metal e.g screwdriver (actually there are specialised tools for this) into the locks of a UPVC composite door. A firm, but swift smack is applied on the end of it. With a few strikes, the composite door will normally open, and the locks will be rendered useless for future use.

Good enough, there have been some improvements in the technology used in the design of locks for composite doors, thus making it possible to prevent lock snapping burglary entirely.

If you have been a victim of lock snap burglary, then your locks will not be useful anymore. If you are going to do something about it, then it will be a good idea to go for barrel replacements which are relatively cheaper than replacing the locks entirely. It is possible to eliminate snapping completely by applying skilful strengthening techniques to the weakest part of the lock, protecting you and your family from unnecessary trauma and preserving belongings which might not be easily replaced.

Composite doors, no doubts are among the most secured doors available in the market nowadays. Robbers have simply invented a clever way of manipulating their weakest parts, and for this reason the recent spate of burglary incidence have attracted so much press from many quarters.

Setting aside some money to buy anti snap barrel as a replacement for your composite door lock can solve this problem completely, so it is certainly worth buying.

As implied earlier, UPVC composites can withstand brute force better than older doors made of wood; they can completely deter the forceful entry of inexperienced criminals, and in addition to anti snap barrel replacements, will provide the best of protection in the market today.

Locks which are safe from lock snapping are quite new in the market, hence it is necessary that you inquire from your locksmith in solihull if they have them before calling on them. The locks have keys which are registered with a central company which have your details and the name of the locksmith Solihull that installed them.

This will protect you from cowboy locksmiths who may want to give away your keys to criminals, as they can easily be traced back. They are not cheap, but will serve as a formidable protection against burglary.

Access control for your home and business

Electronic and Mechanical access control

Electronic locks have changed the way we secure our businesses and homes. Over the years, people have been able to break into businesses and homes by either getting a hold of a duplicate key or by forging a fake key. Consider the number of keys floating all over the world that have access to your lock. There is likelihood that they are a lot more than you think. Except you change your locks regularly, your business or home will be at risk if you do not make use of electronic locks.

With electronic locks, you do not require a key to gain access to the other side of the door. A personal code or a personal identification number is used. If you have a business, you will be able to assign a unique code to each worker. This is very important because you will be able to keep track of persons entering or leaving your work premises. The knowledge that this sort of data is been collected will reduce the chances of any of your workers committing a crime. It will also give a clue as to how someone broke into your business, if that should ever happen. Again, if you suffer a break in, there won’t be need to change the lock or retrieve all the keys you have handed out over time. All you need do is to reassign codes to each worker.

If you have a contractor, or somebody that needs to gain entry to your business for a short period of time, you do not have to worry about your business becoming more vulnerable when you make extra duplicates of keys. All you need do is to assign a temporary code to whoever needs it and deactivate the code whenever you deem it necessary.

With the world becoming a global village, electronic locks have advanced beyond the level of call of duty as far as security is concerned. Newer electronic lock models will communicate wirelessly with your lighting, security systems, and other devices. This means that if there is an illegal entry, the locks can be programmed to turn on your lighting so as to scare away an intruder.

You increase your protection and security by eliminating the use of keys. Losing a code is much easier to handle than losing a key. If a code is lost, simply reassign a new code to that employee, disable the lost code and carry on with your day. There is nothing as easy as that.

Digital locks Birmingham
A selection of locks 4 Ever Safe locksmiths are able to fit and maintain
Digital locks
Great for use on staff rooms and other areas that need to be restricted from public or staff,

There are endless choices of electronic locks available for you to choose from at Locksmith Birmingham. Certain factors should however be considered when choosing an electronic lock. Is it going to be used for a home or an office? How many employees does your company have? What sort of commercial doors do you have? How much traffic visits your organization in a day? This indeed can be a lot for you to handle. Securing the services of a professional 24 hour Locksmith Birmingham can make things much easier. You can find the best security options with an emergency Locksmith Birmingham.

Advantages of using local tradesmen


Independent traders occupy a vital place in the business economy of the United Kingdom. Although many individuals are aware of the high profile names associated with large companies, conglomerates and big businesses, independent traders are capable of providing invaluable services to their customers.

They are most times able to fill a niche which large companies are unable or unwilling to sustain. Because independent traders usually live and work in the area, and rely on personal recommendations and also care about retaining their reputation, the quality of goods and services they offer is usually exceptional.

While large companies is important in offering recognizable brand names, economies of scale, guarantees of quality, it is necessary to reflect on why you should use independent traders over large companies.


Independent traders such as 4 Ever Safe Locksmiths Redditch and  4 Ever Safe Locksmith Bromsgrove provide flexibility in their opening hours, they have the capacity to provide services tailored to their customers needs and are prepared to adapt and adjust in any way they can. Customer service is foremost in their minds. They are prepared to deliver, they go out of their way to source for whatever might be needed, are mindful of what is suitable to each customers. They can also send out greeting cards to sustain their relationship with clients and customers.

Some independent traders may operate within a franchise kind of structure and are still able to personalize some aspects of their work and maintain an independent feel to their business.

Doing business on a smaller scale can provide certain economies with reduced overheads, the capability of working from home or renting an office space as required. For a business involved in retail services, it could be possible to share business premises with similar and complementary businesses so as to reduce cost and also offer a vast range of goods or services. Sometimes it may be necessary to share advertising, run events or launches together, or liaise over certain aspects of a job.

Local Knowledge:

Independent traders are very good at finding a niche which is relevant and is valued to clients and customers, where they can make a living with, and works good enough for a small scale. Some goods and services are particularly sought after in some locations but not in others: locksmith, and wrought iron mongers may thrive in some areas but perform poorly in some other areas. Demand and supply can be modified by independent traders to suit with what can be sustained.

Unique Products:

Independent traders bring about a unique flavor to a place or region. Many independent traders are involved in retail services. They are often priced highly because customers can be able to find varied and interesting items which are totally different from what is available in the main streets. Colorful handbags, vintage clothes, original jewelries are usually sold by independent traders.

Independent traders can liaise with other traders to sell complementary products such as white goods, flooring, or tilling. This offers improved services, and the ability to negotiate on timing, price, design as everyone put in his best to work together to provide what is needed.ProfilePic


With doors properly locked and security systems in place, you will sometimes believe that your apartment is immune to burglars. Robbers however, take advantage of some loopholes which you are more likely to ignore. Common traditional techniques like lock bumping can give burglars easy entry to your house.

Lock bumping is one example of various lock picking methods. It is a technique used by locksmiths to open locked doors without keys and is also popular among burglars as a method of breaking into houses. In this technique, a filed key is inserted in the cylinder lock. A ridge is cut to a depth of nine on a key fabricating machine.

When this has been done, it will be gently struck or bumped with another object, usually a mallet or screwdriver. The force applied in bumping the key shakes the pins and forces them to the sheer line. When this is successfully accomplished, the lock will turn and the door opens. There will be no sign of burglary or the need to damage properties which could alert passersby or home owners. Lock bumping does not make any loud noise and takes only a few minutes to accomplish.

Statistics provided by professional locksmiths reveal that a good number of burglars make use of lock bumping. There are three reasons for this.

  • A key used in bumping a lock is readily available and can be ordered on the internet.
  • Many homes secure their homes with the use of cylinder locks which unknown to them are the most vulnerable to the bumping technique.
  • Again, bumping does not need any form of special skill.

For this reason it is imperative to put into consideration how vulnerable your home can be to bumping when accessing the security requirements of your office or home.

It is important to protect your home from lock bumping with a 24 hour locksmith Birmingham services.

This can be achieved by beefing up other security measures as well as installing stronger locks. Here are a few measures listed below.

  1. If it is possible, replace all the old locks in your house. Locksmith Birmingham now manufactures locks which are resistant to both picking and bumping. Getting a bump key for these models is quite difficult.


  1. If changing all the locks is too expensive to undertake, you may consider making some modifications to the existing locks by asking an emergency Locksmith Birmingham to increase the number of pins. This will make it difficult to bump and pick locks.


  1. The locks available today, have the option of installing a protector over the cylinder. This protects the cylinder and will require a magnetized key to open it. There are no chances of bumping this kind of lock because the key cannot be duplicated.


  1. Monitor outdoor and indoor areas with an installed home security system. This will alert you when a door has been opened by tampering with the lock. Putting chain latches on external doors can make it more difficult for burglars to break into your home.

The Importance Of Changing Locks Once You Move Into A New Apartment/House Or Business Premises

4 Ever Safe Locksmith’s Birmingham service providers deal on services relating to the security of individuals. What is required of you is to make sure that you dial the right phone number of a dependable locksmith before negotiating a deal. You do not want to take chances when it comes to security issues.

Relocating to a new apartment can be burdensome, considering the amount of work to be done. There are several factors to consider and lots of things to think about. It is just like starting all over again. Ignoring any necessary factor can backfire in future to make a mess of your joy of changing apartment. After all, relocation happens once in a while.

Among the large list of things that require your attention, do not overlook changing the locks in the house. This is one of the most important factors you need to consider while relocating. Ignoring this could result in severe damages, both financially as well as emotionally.

Chances are that the former occupants of the apartment may still have a duplicate of the keys in their possession. Even though they are expected to return the duplicates while vacating the apartment, a few persons are likely to keep the keys with them. This in the end will not only pose a security threat, but will also give rise to lots of questioning when making an insurance claim in the future. There have been cases in the past where robbery incidents were carried out by the former occupants of a house with the use of duplicate keys. This emphasizes the importance of changing the locks once you move into a new apartment.

While changing the locks, ensure that you change the locks of the entrance to your apartment. It is also recommended for additional security that you install deadbolt locks. Do not leave out the basement and garage as they are potential entry points for notorious robbers.

Changing the locks, in a way, will give you a sense of security that the keys to the locks of your new home are not somewhere out there without you having a knowledge of it. You can have the assurance that you have done the right thing to secure your family members and assets.

Emergency Locksmith Birmingham can be of great help when it has to do with handling security issues. Some of these services have a good reputation for client satisfaction. If you take a look around where you live, it will not be difficult locating a 24 hour locksmith Birmingham to handle all of your safety requirements.

You might want to contact a reputable service to install new locks and extra security gadgets in your home for a fool proof defense against burglars.

Finally, it is of immense importance that you install new locks whenever you relocate to a new apartment so as to avoid unexpected and unwanted incidents. The services of locksmith are very important for meeting your security needs.