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Taking Birmingham by a storm, our secure Birmingham Locksmiths services have established firm operations at the heart of the ultimate locksmith country – Wolverhampton. We are fully equipped with our master locksmith team ready to take up residential, commercial, emergency and restorative locksmith services for all major cities of Wolverhampton County Borough and the Wolverhampton Urban Sub-Division falling under the South Staffordshire district. Our Wolverhampton branch is equipped with separate emergency and operational teams to handle all kinds of locksmith projects within the massive areas with maximum alacrity and shortest time span.

Residential Birmingham Locksmith services – Locksmiths Birmingham continuing traditions of master locksmith skills at Wolverhampton!

Locksmiths Birmingham is one of the premier locksmith services in Wolverhampton. Considering that the area is specifically known for the origin of a wide locksmith community, we consider it our greatest honour to be counted as one of the most reliable services in the area. We have consistently provided all kinds of residential locksmith services in many cities in the county and also in adjoining districts of Wolverhampton. Often our team from Wolverhampton will collaborate with our Birmingham team for handling residential jobs that fall between these two districts to make it faster and easier for residences in the area to get immediate locksmith attention. Our area of expertise includes all kinds of lock and safety related projects for all kinds of residences including apartments, houses and rental condominiums.

Here is a list of all projects included under our residential locksmith services repertoire:

Lock changes and installations

The bulk of our residential services are centred on the changing and installation of new locks in the residences of the county. We keep to our highest standards of brand value with only the top quality of hardware making the cut with us. We provide proper installation and checking of the locks of all your main entry and exit ways to ensure that your security is never compromised. Our experts also handle changing damaged locks for residences with any issues of break in or lockouts. We always provide prompt services even when it is not an emergent situation. Our mobile locksmith van will cater to your lock installation projects within the duration of a few minutes to a few hours of placing the order. We will also take in extra orders of cabinet, safes and wardrobe loc installations or changing depending on the need of the moment. Our team of experts come equipped to handle any new eventuality once the situation of your home has been assessed. We will recommend any extra precautions if you do feel you need to take them to the secure your safety standards.

We also follow a solemn code of ethics that dictates we never put a healthy lock down. Our quotes for new lock changes or installations will always be summarized after we have fully tried to restore, repair or reinforce the current security system you have in place. This ensures only competitive and honest quotes for security installations coming from Locksmiths- Birmingham to all our customers.

New key creations

Often our residential orders will state the need for new key creations. We have had many different reasons for orders including lost keys, duplicate key cutting or even new keys for antique locks bought at auctions. Our experts are skilled locksmiths with innate knowledge of key cutting that has been repeated over many generations. Until date, we do not allow machine cut keys to pass to our esteemed customers. Each key is hand finished to ensure not a speck of disparity exists within the different key designs. A new key cut by a Locksmiths-Birmingham expert comes with our exclusive guarantee of being flawlessly finished for corresponding locks of both modern and heirloom genres. Our keys are precision designed to avoid any issues with stuck keys in the lock or broken locks due to improper key design.

Restorative Locksmith services

Our restorative locksmith services extends within our express residential services under this type of orders we usually undertake complete security overhaul or restoration of heritage cabinets, gun cabinets, wardrobes, safes and antique locks. Most of the Wolverhampton Gentry have stayed within the county for years and continue to live here for generations. We have had handled massive numbers of restorative locksmith orders where people with antique safes and cabinets often place in express requests for restoration of old locking mechanisms. Often people with heritage locks or furniture features are adamant on keeping the authentic mechanism in place. At Locksmiths- Birmingham, we offer the following scenario choices to our customers placing orders from restorative locksmith services:

  • Express rekeying and new key cutting for antique locks, safes and cabinets within a few hours of placing the order. Each key is precision designed and hand finished to avoid flaws.
  • Reinforcement of safety features particularly if the restored locking mechanism is not enough to properly secure your furniture pieces.
  • Complete restoration work for antique locks and safes with medium to severe damages. We offer restoration services at your homes. For massive restorations, we will sometimes transfer the safe or antique lock to our business premises.

Home security audit – reinforcement and planning new security features

Our team has handled a number of exclusive home audits for major residential areas in Wolverhampton. We are known for our through inspection of every security outlet of your homes before planning a system that best addresses your individual security gaps. Our team of experts will reach your home for a security audit at your convenient time with a family member present to guide us through the home layout. Our experts have a precise checklist of home security audits, which include thorough checking of every door, window and ventilated spaces within your rooms, basements, garage and patio to cover any point of exit or entry within in the house. Our plan includes three different scenarios of complete security overhaul, areas that require immediate attention and areas that can wait for a few more months before ending up in the “crucial to address now” list. This allows our customers the flexibility ordering security overhauls in stages to avoid overburdening their budget at a single time.

Often homeowners leave crucial security updates for their homes until the last minute because of the strained budget of a major security update together. With our stages report, they can now choose to address the crucial security issues first to keep steadily securing their home instead of leaving their safety at risk


We always try to salvage as much of your existing residential security system as we possibly can, any quotes for security updates from Locksmiths-Birmingham is always prepared after thoroughly analyzing the aspects of your current security that are working fine for you. Our quotes are therefore extremely competitive according to market rates. We also provide reinforcement of security systems, which are currently below the set part of the British Standards for fire safety regulations. Often homeowners may lose the edge on fire insurance deals due to outdated security systems. Our reinforcement model of security updates covers such situations.

Lockout situations emergency

Lockouts are one of the most complicated situations for your security system. Often losing a key or accidental lockout can compromise the safety system because most homeowners take the wrong decision of trying to force the locks or break down doors to get inside themselves. Instead, carry out a few simple protocols to help solve the issue with the least amount of damage to your security system or the doors.

  • Check whether any of the additional entry or exit doors or windows in the house is open.
  • Check for hidden keys or ask for the emergency key codes from your relatives, if you have entrusted them with a solution for this kind of situation.
  • Try not to panic yourself and if there are any family members locked within the house, make sure to keep them calm as well.
  • Place a call to the Locksmiths Birmingham for 24×7 emergency lockout services. Our team for emergency handling is separate from our regular locksmith team to make sure that the emergency orders are handled immediately and within a few minutes. We also offer guaranteed non-destructive entry in to your house. Any minor damages incurred during the re-entry are handled promptly with new lock installation or new key cutting fro lot keys. We ensure that your safety is not compromised even for a moment during our handling of the emergencies.

Alarm installations in Birmingham

We offer installations of secure alarm systems for your residence. Our alarm features cover every exit and entry point within your homes. We only source the best quality alarm and biometric lock hardware to ensure that the system never fails you or compromises your level of security. Our team handles installation and upgraded of alarm systems and modern biometric locks within record time of placing orders with the company. We also ensure that members of your family are trained properly to handle even the most complicated alarm systems or biometric keypad locks.

Commercial services

Commercial factories and steel mills in and around Wolverhampton have entrusted massive orders of commercial security projects the Locksmiths Birmingham since the company’s very inception in the country. Today Locksmiths Birmingham is synonymous with highest standards of security installations for commercial factories, corporate offices and mills in Wolverhampton. Under our repertoire of express commercial services, we offer the following features:

Commercial security audits in Birmingham

We have developed the ultimate checklists and separate zone audit lists for commercial projects. When we make our first site survey, we customize these lists to reflect your factory’s layout and security essentials. Our commercial audits are therefore exhaustive, precise and flawless with regards to handing every area of security upgrade, reinforcement and new installations.

Our security audits also take into account the installations of commercial grade safes, cabinets and metal storage doors for secure storage of company products and secure essentials. Only the highest standards of commercial locks and hardware pass through our installation services. We also ensure your company is brought up to the current British Standards of Fire Safety regulations for commercial properties.

Often our team of experts at Birmingham city centre branch will collaborate with our Wolverhampton team to handle massive commercial projects with the maximum speed and precision.

UPVC door repair and maintenance

Most corporate offices in the Wolverhampton area have converted to UPVC doors and windows to add uniformity to their security features. The uniform look of these doors and windows also add to the classy look of polished corporate offices. Locksmiths Birmingham has handled many projects of complete overhaul of current doors and windows with the UPVC models.

Our expert installers are equipped to handle massive orders and complete projects within strict deadlines wit maximum efficiency. Often our teams from the various other districts of Solihull Locksmith, Coventry and Birmingham are called in for collaboration for commercial offices located closer to these areas. All our separate branches of Locksmiths Birmingham starts functioning as a single system to ensure our customers come first regardless of the size or timeline of each project. We value our commitments above all else.

Full master suit key creation

Many corporate offices, rental buildings and even hotel chains call in for our expert master suit creation services. This sector of our Wolverhampton Locksmith branch has handled massive numbers of master suit key creation for often-large buildings with multiple locks and individual units. We offer our services for heritage buildings, churches and museums as well. We offer master suit key creation that cover turn of the century locks and security mechanisms as well as modern day security installations.

Free expert advice

At Locksmiths Birmingham we place your security above all else. This is why our team of experts handling order calls are always ready with free expert advice for any problems that you can handle with a bit of simple guidance from us. We also offer recommendations and immediate solutions for common security problems right on your first phone call. It is also free of charge. We only charge when the express order for locks installation or security audits is registered with our branch at Wolverhampton.

Call in to have your home or commercial security query addressed by niche experts today!

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