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4 Ever Safe Birmingham Locksmith are Emergency, Locksmiths in Birmingham, Bromsgrove, Redditch, Selly Oak, Solihull, Coventry and Wolverhampton. We have been trading over 10 years in Birmingham. Locally based locksmith business on call 24hours a day for all your locksmithing needs. 4EverSafe Locksmiths in Birmingham is a local privately run business means there are no middle men, no call centres or large overheads to pay which adds up to great value for you the paying customer. Call today to speak to your local locksmith in Birmingham.

Local Birmingham locksmith on call 24 hours a day, including emergency lock repairs and changes

Call today to speak to your local Birmingham locksmith. We can send a emergency locksmith to gain entry to your property if you are locked out or have lost your keys, In addition we are skilled at changing/upgrading locks or even adding extra security to make you feel more safe at home or in your business.

Birmingham locksmiths range of expertise include

  • Non-destructive entry by a Locksmith in Birmingham
  • Locks supplied and fitted by a local locksmith to British Standard 3621
  • Upvc door repair
  • Mechanical digital
  • Full master suites
  • Panic hardware
  • Safes
  • Garage and patio doors
  • Alarms
  • CCTV

Areas covered

4 Ever Safe Emergency Locksmith in Birmingham Lock Identification Guide

In my 7 years as an Emergency locksmith in Birmingham I’ve heard locks called all manner of names with all sorts of descriptions to boot, I have decided to create this handy guide of the most common locks found in and around Birmingham this will help your locksmith give you an accurate quotation.

Good news is if it’s on this list 4 Ever Safe Locksmiths are experts in opening, fitting and repairing them all in and around Birmingham.



Night Latch

4 Ever Safe Locksmiths Birmingham, we are a 24 hour locksmith BirminghamIn Birmingham this is by far the most common lock to be locked out of. This is a night latch it often referred to as a Yale, This is purely because Yale has dominated the market for so long, there are literally 100s of other brands available and Yale also make other types of lock so saying you are locked out of a Yale could mean almost anything so use our guide to help your locksmith identify your nightlatch.

Rim cylinder

Locksmiths Birmingham - I am a 24 hour locksmith Birmingham city centre. Access to a night latch is usually controlled via a rim cylinder;in Birmingham we have an 80% success rate in gaining entry non-destructively via picking or bypassing our locksmith takes pride in picking. Cylinder lock cases are a usually used within apartment buildings or even new build properties, they are very versatile lock and can be fitted with a variety of different features such as quick release which enables safe exit without a key.

5 Lever Sash lock (Non BS)/Deadlock (BS)

Locksmith in Birmingham we are an emergency locksmith Birmingham.
Here we have the good old fashioned Deadlocks, the only difference between the sash lock and the deadlock is the addition of a spindle for the handle, the levers and bolt operate exactly the same in both. This style of lock is often called a Chubb lock, as before with the (Yale) night latch Chubb is just a brand that everyone is familiar with.

Locksmiths Birmingham If you look at the deadlock on the right of the two pictures you will see the British standard kitemark on the faceplate, this is how you can tell if your locks meet with British standard, this is important for insurance purposes as most insurance companies will state in their terms and conditions (the small print) your locks must meet with current British standards or it will invalidate any claims of theft/burglary. Shocking I know.Deadlocks and Sashlocks also come in 2, 3 a lever styles these are suitable for internal doors and are an effective way to restrict access throughout a building.

Digital Locks (Mechanical)

Locksmiths Birmingham As you can see digital locks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, these are used in many industries to provide access control on a variety of reasons, some business have a high turnover of staff and it is just not possible to call a locksmith to change the keys every time someone leaves so why change the locks when you can just change the code. These types of lock are also popular in shops and restaurants throughout Birmingham and the surrounding areas.At 4 Ever Safe Locksmiths Birmingham we are experts in installing repairing and replacing all manner of digital lock.

Post Box Locks/Cam’s 

Locksmiths Birmingham, Pete is an emergency locksmith Birmingham city centre.With the rise of apartment buildings we have also seen the rise in communal post boxes or post box banks as they are known, these cams are simple to install or fix and we have a range on board, we offer a set fee to open and replace your post box cam for just £45. That includes lock and labour with no hidden fee’s.




Losing or misplacing keys are the most common reason to need your lock changed in Birmingham.

At 4 Ever Safe Locksmiths Birmingham we believe that keys and therefore locks control the access to almost all our domains. Everyone you know will have a lock on their home or business and it goes without saying keys to operate their locks, but with the millions of cylinders and even more keys in circulation accidents are always going to happen, and losing a set of keys offers a great deal of uncertainty, ‘did I lose them or did someone take them?’ the only way to be certain your home or business is safe is to then change your locks, we can do this quickly and efficiently at your convenience.

We offer a great value lock change service and can reach you on the same day of your call in most cases; we are a local business which means our locksmiths live and work in Birmingham and surrounding areas like Solihull Redditch and Bromsgrove we are always just a phone call away should you ever need us, We also offer fixed quotations and workmanship guarantees for your peace of mind.  In a city as big as Birmingham it is vital you take security seriously.

Around 30% of break-in’s in Birmingham have no sign of forced entry. We believe this is largely due to keys being misplaced and then the occupier not changing locks, or most commonly people moving to new premises and not changing their locks, I cannot stress how important it is to change you locks when moving to a new house or business I have personally witnessed the heart break of 100s of home and business owners in and around Birmingham after coming home to find they have been burgled, as a locksmith in Birmingham I am always on hand to re-secure people’s homes and business 24 hours a day, but it often strikes me how many people who have been burgled have recently moved in and have not changed their cylinders? You really must ask yourself when buying a new property can I really be 100% certain the person(s) you are buying your premise from does not have a copy of the keys to it, or does any of their staff or spouses have keys to the premises you are purchasing. I don’t believe anyone would be able to answer that as a yes, so why risk it? Changing your cylinders is not as costly as you may think.

At 4 Ever Safe Locksmiths Birmingham we can change for example 2x UPVC door locks for £85 all inclusive!! So that’s labour 2 locks and 6 keys we work to the highest standards and our locks are endorsed by West Midlands Police as we only fit snap safe cylinders throughout Birmingham.

Rekeying is the process of changing the cylinder of a lock so that the original keys will not be able to open the lock anymore. This process will allow to one to regain control once again over the security of a room and the contents within. A room can be left open while the cylinder is extracted to be rekeyed. The rekeying process usually takes no more than a few minutes to complete and a new key will be constructed for the rekeyed lock. Once you rekey a lock, you need to be careful who you give a copy of the key.

Rekeying is an alternative that is cheaper than buying new locks as you can still make use of the existing door lock. Only the interior cylinder of a lock is changed during rekeying. Rekeying requires the use of special hardware since the internal cylinders have to be modified. A locksmith will be required to rekey a lock for you. They can also make duplicate copies of the new key. The locksmiths also make use of specialised equipment for vehicles which can be used to make new keys and rekey the locks.

New locks are the best way to stay ahead of burglars, as burglars figure out weaknesses in security hardware it is important we as a industry change and adapt our security to ensure our homes and businesses are safe, and we are, there are literally hundreds of new locks introduced every year all improving on methods we have been using making them harder to pick drill and snap, we supply and fit only the latest locks on the market so if you have a lock fitted by us you can rest assured it is fit for purpose.

About 4 Ever Safe Locksmiths Birmingham

Hello my name is Peter Phillips (Locksmiths Birmingham) I have been a self-employed locksmith for over 10 years helping 1000s of happy clients with their security needs, from helping clients gain entry to their home to installing and maintaining all manner of locksmith related products on both domestic and commercial premises.

Happy clients include a host of Birmingham based business

Birmingham city council – British telecom – Asda – Centric property maintaince – Co-op – Hydro power dynamics – and 100s more local business and 1000s of domestic property owners and tenants in and around Birmingham

So if you need a locksmith in Birmingham look no further, get the best local locksmith to your door in minutes.


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    I was locked out in the snow as I forgot to pick up my keys and shut the door behind me, I found 4 Ever Safe Locksmiths on the web and gave them a call, and Pete came straight out to me and got me in without any damage or fuss, great value for money too, 5star service.

    Mark Birch - (Knowle)

    I wanted some locks changed and that’s what I got one call the job was done wasn’t messed about or ripped off.

    Joe Murphy - (Olton)